What is Circling?

What is Circling?

We are often asked, "What is Circling?" as people are naturally curious as well as cautious. In truth, it is best to try the practice to get a best sense of it. However, we also want to explain and describe as best we can to you, so there is an article link and a film below aiming to achieve this.

One useful source is this blog post by Gregg Levoy from December 2021 published in Psychology Today.

We also recommend this article from experienced Circling and Authentic Relating practitioner in the USA, Michael Porcelli. 

Authentic Relating (AR) is widely acknowledged to be a sibling, or even parent, practice to Circling, where Circling structures are particular contexts within which we can enhance various elements of authentic relating to each other. Many activities we run start from a basis of wanting to relate authentically, primarily. Practicing then extends, often in Convercircling or Semi-Circling naturally in how practitioners relate. So, we encourage people to use skills developed in Cirlcing structures to enhance authentic and vulnerable communication before, during breaks and after the events, as well. Therefore, Circling structures are useful for us to enhance the requisite skills to do this effectively, as well as build belonging, compassion, empathy, community, connection in the way we nurture people in the practice.

Both Levoy and Porcelli's articles are particularly good because they mix theory with personal accounts demonstrating the benefits of Authentic Relating and Circling.

We have long wanted to introduce people to events before they actually attend and we have some 3D immersive training films coming soon. It is possible to buy cheap, or even make goggles that we hope will allow wide access to these films. All you need in addition is a mobile telephone with access to the host website. We plan to post a taster to this webpage soon.

You may also want to read Taylor Prewitt's experience published here

Moreover, this montage of experiences below, where we have been able to collect images of Circling and related activity in terms of joy, belonging, authenticity, compassion, empathy and connection that is available will, we hope, go the rest of the way to inspire you to join us at one of our events!