What is Circling

Circling is best experienced: please give one of our events a try where our facilitator will endeavour to welcome you and we hope you will have an enriching experience.

Circling is both brand new and cutting edge and, across many cultures, as old as the hills. People have been sitting together in Circles to undertake various activities for as long as we can remember. The cutting edge part is the use of in the moment mindfulness and meditative processes in order to explore and relate our experiences. 

This is what we will guide you towards when you undertake a Circling session with us and when the session is extended to either a day or weekend, people often report magical experiences and can form lasting bonds that transcend niceties like small talk, inauthentic facades, friendships of convenience, replacing these with joyous connection, deep resonance, empowered and direct communication in which we feel genuinely seen with others in a Circling space and sometimes beyond. 

Mindfulness practice has been proven to be good for one’s wellbeing. In Circling practice each participant is invited to Extend the Field of awareness so that this mindful state becomes a shared, interpersonal group activity and experience, rather than an intrapersonal state. 

Such expansion can make us feel more whole, connected to others, emotionally invested, enriched, empowered, inspired, healed.

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