Benefits of Circling

Circling Cornwall CIC

We find it useful to split benefits into intrapersonal (for yourself) and interpersonal (for groups, communities, organisations).


Practicing Circling increases your awareness and appreciation of the present moment both alone and with others.
Some participants report better time management skills.

Many experience:

  • Increased ability to slow down in stressful situations and be less impulsive
  • Increased ‘wholeness’ in personal development terms
  • Increased sense of purpose and belonging
  • Increased ability to notice relational blind spots that hinder relationships
  • More power and influence in communication
  • A deeper ability to let go of what was
  • Increased ability to accept yet transform how things are
  • Increased ability to consciously shape their future

Learning more about the way others approach life can lead to different and more successful life choices. It cal lead to increased resilience during times of difficulty.

  • Circling can bring increased social connections and sense of community / belonging. Friendships can blossom!
  • Bringing Circling to your family, social group, organization can assist with building greater understanding and purpose as a unit leading to increased productivity and wellbeing.

  • Experienced circlers often cultivate authentic communication styles that allow them to approach difficult topics more efficiently and without barriers that often exist for others.

  • At greater stages of development Circling can assist in bringing increased integration of worldcentric and kosmocentric ways of being and operating. This leads to increased achievement and cohesion in groups and teams.