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Circling Cornwall’s work prioritizes Cornwall, but is not limited to Cornwall: in principle everyone is welcome.

We are pleased to announce our bi-annual celebration: Circling Cornwall Fun Gathering for a Core-Phew at Arillas, Corfu, Greece, first week of May and October, respectively.

Please contact us for a brochure / more information.

Gatherings take place in a beautiful setting with guaranteed sun and warmth. They are a great way to kick off or celebrate as a finale, a summer of beach Circling, with an extra emphasis on wellnessrelaxation, playing together, human connection and fitness integration. As ever, this is fully inclusive. The fitness opportunities will work for the fittest and also the gentlest of exercise temperaments.

To purchase a spot on our next gathering in Corfu, from Wednesday 6 October to Sunday 10 October 2021, click here, then contact us via the form to let us know who this ticket is for, how, when, where you arrive on 6/10//21 and of any dietry requirements. Sadly, we cannot offer our usual scholarships for events outside the UK.

We started the seasonal BEACH BATH (Beach Authenticity - Tea Herbal) sessions in spring of 2018 and will continue them in Cornwall each summer. They will always be free. Our BeachBATHs, in person events on various beaches in Cornwall have been so successful, give us the experience as well as skills to build brilliant Gatherings on other beaches everywhere.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic we increased our online offering as in person events were either discouraged or often no longer legal. During December 2020 we also offered free daily check-in calls until Christmas 2020. We have qualified teachers and teaching assistants working with us and offered regular academic and emotional support for young people unable to attend school with their parents until schools re-opened in the UK in early 2021.

After thousands of attendees benefitted in 2021 we continue to offer online Circling every Thursday, in both the morning and evening, UK time. We fund this for our core community and any community we have created and trained. For others, it is now on a subscription basis. See the details here.

Contact us to participate on a Thursday

We welcome your attendance and you don't have to have experienced the practice before: welcoming those new to Circling is an imortant part of this service we provide, (we run 4 open sessions a year) as is welcoming those more experienced.

We run various online closed group immersions. Our next round of Vulnerability and Attachment after Trauma, which is a six-week immersion, each Saturday, with intentional appreciative enquiry into attachment styles, plus positive intervention to heal traumatic experience starts soon.

All are welcome to our Circling sessions, days,  weekends. Some activities are closed group / by invitation and not always publicised so it is worth getting in touch contact us if you can’t find activities that fit for you and to check if anything else is happening. 

Please also join / like / follow our Facebook, Instagram and Meetup groups to stay abreast of our activities and offers.

We are planning a conference for professionals and established Circling groups, also providing opportunities for them to showcase their best practice and services. We now hope to run this in 2022 or later now: as soon as it is viable following the Covid-19 pandemic.

We run bespoke retreats  in the alluring, rugged, peaceful and inspiring south west of the UK. The communities we have created often come together with the facilitators in each making up the team for these retreat events.

We offer Circling training. This is designed for those who may facilitate for us and / or use Circling in their professional lives with others. We have extended our training to include in person and online offerings. 

Previous participants have not only been employed by us, they have started their own communities that we support, including Atlantic Circling and Circling Camel Estuary.

We are passionate about addressing the often stigmatised loneliness pandemic in the UK and building ongoing mental resilience. In autumn of 2020 we met with health professionals and are now receiving social prescription referrals for people with loneliness, social anxiety, depression, ongoing mental health needs and support. 

We especially (but not exclusively) welcome young people of 18 - 25 years to our sessions both online and in person. Recent evidence and resesearch identify this age group to be most likely to suffer significantly from chronic loneliness often accompanied by social isolation.

For businesses and organisations, we offer bespoke Intentional Circling. This is designed according to your organisational communication and teamworking needs. 

Please contact us for more information.

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